Are There Side Effects ?

AndroGenRx™ Is A Safe Testosterone Booster

A testosterone doctor holding a stethoscope.

When taken as recommended, there have been NO reports of any side effects. 

It is worth noting that low-t levels have more side effects that higher test levels. Boosting test levels is optimal for improving your overall health. Testosterone is the main chemical that has the ability to improve you mental, physical, and sexual fitness.

 Users Most Often Report The Following Effects :

    • enhanced sexual arousal and more intense ejaculation
    • a larger-harder erect penis
    • more stamina – the ability to “get it up” over and over.
    • a decrease in body fat particularly in the abdominal area
    • improvement in strength gains while weightlifting
    • more energy
    • better mental focus
  • more aggression and vigor
  • awesome muscle pumps in the gym
  • an overall improvement in sexual and athletic performance