Benefits Of Using AndroGenRx

The Benefits of Male Enhancement Pills

The advantage of using AndroGenRx™ is that you will receive both the benefits of a testosterone booster and a male enhancer ALL-IN-1 ! In fact, AndroGenRx™ is the very first “hybrid” product to ever be created. Many people are completely unaware that even prescription products like Viagra and Cialis DO NOT BOOST TESTOSTERONE AT ALL !

What Are The Benefits of Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters will increase your libido, which will deliver rock hard erections. It will not be long before the increase in test levels will also improve your fitness level and enhance your physique through muscle building and fat loss. But even with the best testosterone boosters, permanent penis enlargement is not always achieved.  That is why AndroGenRx™ is specifically formulated to give you ALL THE BENEFITS OF A THE BEST MALE ENHANCEMENT PILLS AND THE BEST TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER.

Users Report The Following :

  • a boost in libido/sex drive
  • testosterone enhancement effects
  • enhanced sexual arousal and more intense ejaculation
  • a larger-harder erect penis
  • more stamina – the ability to “get it up” over and over.
  • an impressive increase in lean muscle mass
  • a decrease in body fat particularly in the abdominal area
  • drastic improvement in strength gains while weightlifting
  • faster muscle recovery after workouts
  • more energy
  • better mental focus
  • more aggression
  • awesome muscle pumps in the gym
  • an overall improvement in sexual and athletic performance

What Is The Purpose Of Male Enhancement?

In general ,male enhancement pills meet 1 specific goal – a larger penis. This is achieved through a complex biological activity that has to do with creating an increase in blood flow to the “corpus cavemosa” region of the penis. Much like building muscle, eventually this leads to a permanent increase in penis thickness and length.

Differences Between Test Boosters and Male Enhancers

Testosterone is the key factor that determines sex drive, strength, endurance, muscle mass and muscle tone. Under a broad classification, AndroGenRx™ is sold as a pharmaceutical grade “male enhancement” product, but also offers many additional benefits of a testosterone booster. Testosterone influences athletic performance by raising test levels, increasing male aggression, promoting muscle mass, and inducing fat loss.

Alpha-Male vs. The Beta Male

There is only one thing that separates the Alpha-Male from the Beta – and this is how much testosterone they have coursing through their veins. Testosterone will make you more muscular, less fat, and much stronger than the average man. Higher testosterone also contributes to a higher sex drive, a larger and more erect penis, and more sexual stamina. Although AndroGenRx™ is not an anabolic steroid, AndroGenRx™ is the perfect product for those athletes who want anabolic results but don’t want to use anabolic steroids.

Typical Effects of A Quality Testosterone Supplement

Users of testosterone supplements often report a moderate improvement in their overall physique through an increase in muscle mass, and a loss of excess body fat. If used while weight training, users reported an increase in strength, recovery, energy, and muscle pumps. At the minimum dose, users reported an increase in penis size after 2 weeks, longer and harder erections (noted instantly), more sexual stamina, and an increased libido. In some cases users of AndroGenRx™ noted that there was a substantial increase in semen expulsion during ejaculation.  If you suffer from “Low-T”, this product may be a safer alternative to any other protocol.

What Are Side Effects of Test Boosters?

This varies from product to product, but most often reported are mild headaches, skin flushing, and painful and prolonged erections. It is important to note that it is usually discovered that the user had taken excessively higher doses than recommended.  When AndroGenRx is taken as recommended, there have been no harmful side effects associated with use. The most common side effect reported are an increase in frequency of erections and sexual arousal.

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