There are some Differences Between Low-T and Erectile Dysfunction

Does Viagra and Cialis Boost Testosterone ?

Did you know that neither Viagra (Sildenafil), or Cialis (Tadalafil) have any effect whatsoever on muscle mass, fat loss or low testosterone (“Low-T”)  levels ?

The basic actions of Sildenafil and Tadalafil are to increase just enough blood flow to the penis to allow for an erection to occur. More boold flow, equates to a harder erection. Neither products has any testosterone boosting efffects.

  • NEITHER Viagra or Cialis are considered the Best Male Enhancement Pills.
  • NEITHER Viagra or Cialis are “Testosterone Boosters”.
  • NEITHER Viagra or Cialis  benefit those who suffer from “Low-T”.
  • NEITHER Viagra or Cialis promote lean muscle or improve muscle tone.
  • NEITHER Viagra or Cialis reduces body fat.
  • NEITHER Viagra or Cialis will enhance mental focus,aggression or increase athletic ability.
  • NEITHER Viagra or Cialis has any ability to increase the size of the penis.

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